Observations on the Nicollet Mall

This is a guest blog from my friend Geri. Yesterday she was sitting on the Nicollet Mall at lunch, eating her $1 box of popcorn, and she made these observations of what was going on around her:

1. A preacher at the corner shouting while I was trying to enjoy peace and quiet (I wanted to go up and tell him to shut his religious pie hole).

2. Turkey eaters (very sloppy men eating turkey sandwiches in under 2 minutes and then half throwing the wrapper in the garbage).

3. Cops walking, driving and biking

4. A homeless man with only a backpack and a chainsaw (very suspicious)

5. A weird guy asking me for 35 cents (why that amount?)

6. Taxi bikes or wagons (for what)

7. Too many Twins shirts

8. Many fashion don’ts

9. People crossing the street without looking and not caring that they nearly got struck by an MTC bus.


Thanks Geri — I’m surprised you weren’t attacked by all those dirty pigeons wanting your popcorn.