Off to the vet

Poor little Freckles is sick … or at least I think she is. She’s had some intestinal troubles (it starts with a “d” and ends with “iarrhea“). I thought it was over but I came home yesterday to my sweetie being in her kennel with a gigantic mess. I felt like the world’s worse dog mom. I hate to think how long she had been in there with that.

This morning we head off to the vet. I’m sure it’s nothing and that this happens to dogs all the time but I can’t just let her feel bad if there is something wrong. On the other hand, I think my hair looks especially nice this morning.

I had such a nice lunch yesterday with a friend I worked with about a hundred years ago. It was at a law firm while I was going to college. I worked nights and weekends and John was a new associate which meant he worked nights and weekends too. We are both slowly creeping towards the day when we can retire in the style we’ve become accustomed to — yeah, that made us laugh too. I’m lucky to have friends that I’ve known for so long — actually I’m lucky to have friends — actually I’m lucky to remember who my friends are. Actually — oh look a shiny object.

Well Freckles and I are off to the vet — bag of dog do-do in hand. It’s such a wonderful fashionable statement.