Oh No….

This is my deer in the headlights look … what do you think? I should go on the road doing animal imitations … it could be called ROAD KILL. Or I should keep my day job.

I found an old classmate of mine on Facebook the other day. He’s a priest out on the East coast. The funny thing is in high school he said he was going to be a priest. How many people actually do what they planned on doing in high school? We had to do a career report in civics and I, being the straight and narrow kind of gal I am, did a report on opening a brothel — the “Come On Up And See Me Some Time” brothel. I actually got a good grade on it because it was well written. That wasn’t what I planned to do, but it was better than doing a report on becoming a secretary or nurse or stewardess. I think it was Lily Tomlin who said if we all grew up to be what we wanted to be as children the world would be filled with ballerinas and firemen. Sounds like a pretty nice world to me.