Oh no…

I used to square dance vigorously right after I had skated to the stables to ride a horse to a fast game. No wonder puberty was a mess. If you’d like to see the video this photo came from it’s here. I’m not sure if this is the film we saw in fifth grade but it’s pretty close to it.

There’s one point in the movie where Molly’s mother decides to tell her father that Molly is becoming a woman. Thinking back on my life I would have died if my mom had made this announcement to my dad — in front of me. Of course that would have never happened because my mom barely talked to me when I told her the big news. She gave me a big blue box of napkins and a torture belt and left the room. I’d seen this big blue box before in my mom’s closet and my friends and I thought they were bandages. We colored blood on them and tied them around our arms and legs and ran around the neighborhood playing cops and robbers until someone’s mom figured out what we were doing and came and took our “bandages” away. It wasn’t until years later that I understood why.

Well I have to get to work and stop those young women in the office from spontaneously square dancing in the lunchroom. They have no idea the damage those do-si-do’s could be doing.

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  1. Golly gee whiz, those films and the stiff prudish women who showed them! In 7th grade we finally had the film about THE BOYS. Afterward I was talking with the girl beside me and we were trying to figure out the color of semen, lol. I distinctly remember guessing purple. SHE then coyly told me it was white, which I found hard to believe. Eventually, of course, I found out she was right and I thought ewwwww, how did she know?

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