Oh oh it’s coming

Well I’ve seen the three signs of winter:

1) the ponds at the park by me have been drained and are now filled with old dried up leaves

2) the radio said the word “flurries” this morning (talking about Tuesday morning — yuck, that’s tomorrow)

3) I wore my first plaid flannel shirt on Saturday

Oh well, we knew it was coming, but not yet. I think we should wait until December 21st.

It was a nice weekend — a trip to the bank, a trip to the library, a trip to the cemetery — truly what more could anyone ask for other than a trip to Bermuda, a trip to a 5-star restaurant, a trip to the library. Hey I love the library.

I think libraries are the best places in the world. Imagine, you can go in and take out a bunch of books with the mere promise that someday you will bring them back. And not just books but music and movies and magazines. My friend Myrna (formerly known as Sue G-K) doesn’t like books from the library – she doesn’t like books that other people have touched. Bookstores love people like Myrna. But I like old books that I know have been read by lots of people before me. And I really love old old books that are kind of worn out because you know they’ve seen a lot of action. When I was a kid a trip to Linden Hills library was a weekly event. It was an old brick library and it smelled like a library – like old books.

The kids section was downstairs. The walls had bookcases that were just high enough that you had to be on tiptoe to reach the top shelf or there were wooden stools you could stand on. I was only allowed to bring home 5 books because my parents knew I’d bring home a suitcase full if given the chance. For some reason I can remember the thrill of finding The Blue Dolphin there. I guess I was crazy for dolphins then too. And back then the library would never carry anything like Nancy Drew or the Bobbsey Twins — those were not of the high quality that libraries insisted on so I had to save my allowance and buy them myself.

Well off to work. Have a good day and look out for flurries.