Oh Shavings

It’s back to work. I really don’t want to go back to work. My week of staycation has proven to me that I will never be bored when I retire. I’m not one of those people who say “Oh I can’t imagine not working at least a couple of days a week.” I’m one of those people who say “I would love to not work any days of the week” at least not doing what I’m doing now. During my week off I did a lot of writing and that was fun. So I guess I would work, but, as the old saying goes, if you do something you love then you will never work again, or something like that. You know a rolling stone spoils the broth or birds of a feather save a stitch in time.

I think Freckles is the one who is going to really have a tough time. She’s use to hanging out with mom all day and going to the park and going for rides. This is going to be not so much fun for her.

I feel fortunate that the tornado missed me yesterday. It was about 20 blocks north of where I live and it did a lot of damage in north Minneapolis. Of course there’s a new storm a brewin’ here — Pawlenty and Bachmann are both announcing they want to be president. As my hero, Winnie-the-Pooh would say “Oh bother.” I believe later on this week I will be announcing that I’ll be throwing my hat into the ring and I want to be ruler of the universe. I’m sure I have a better chance, or at least I hope so.

Here’s my brush with so-called-fame with Mr. Pawlenty. He was running for governor for the first time and was speaking at the Minnesota State Bar Association annual meeting in Duluth. I worked at the MSBA at the time and was at the meeting and was helping with some sort of event that was outside the arena where the conference was being held. As Mr. P pulled up in his limo, an empty can of pop flew off the table and rolled down the sidewalk and hit him in the foot just as he got out. I went to get it and said “Sorry we don’t have a red carpet so all we can roll out is a Diet Coke can,” quite a witty quip I must say, to which Mr. P replied “Huh?” and hurried past the lowly worker to shake hands with the men in suits. Who could vote for someone who doesn’t find me amusing? It just wouldn’t be right.

Well hi-ho hi-ho it’s off to … I can’t even say the word.

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  1. You'd be a much better ruler of the universe than Bachmann or Pawlenty would be a president, of anything.

    Thanks for your blog, from an incredibly hard working lazy person, Anya

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