Oh The Faces I’ve Seen

Would you refinance from this guy? I didn’t know ZZ Top had gone into the refinance business. And do you think he’s wearing orange because he’s a fall person or because it’s the uniform du jour?

I get the oddest ads on Facebook. There’s another one that says “Men Over 50 Are Looking For You” and they have all these incredibly handsome guys. I know the ones looking for me are either alcoholics, bill collectors or this guy here.
I love to see how I am perceived by the ads that I am targeted with. I get wrinkle cremes, vacation spots, and a lot of animal rescue ads. I need to change my life or profile or both so I start getting ads for Victoria’s Secret, Cosmopolitan, or at least not Big Girl Panties.
Hey, that would be a good title for a self-help book “Change Your Underwear, Change Your Life.” Excuse me I have to get to work on that.
I just found out I’m too late. Look here.

1 thought on “Oh The Faces I’ve Seen

  1. Hee-haw! Did you read the reviews? The one good review was probably by the author! You could do a much better job, I'm sure.

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