Oh well, perhaps tomorrow

Yesterday I went to the doctor and got some pill to help me fall asleep. From the time I left home to the time I got to her office I cried. In her office all I did was cry. Then I cried all the way to work. I’m so tired of crying. I decided yesterday that I was done being sad. That from now on I’m going to think good thoughts about Freckles and remember the fun. Yep, that was my decision.

You know that old saying — If you want to make God laugh tell her your plans (or him if that makes you happy). “Hey God, I’m not going to cry about Freckles any more.” And God responds with this.

Well I took my little pill that was suppose to help me fall asleep. I only tossed and turned for an hour instead of two or three hours so that’s progress but can you believe I woke up this morning and I was crying. I decided that didn’t count because it happened in my sleep. Nothing you do in your sleep should count with the possible exception of walking in your sleep — that should count towards exercising.

And I do think that when a person decides to be happy it really helps. I just think every once in a while you should be reminded that you really aren’t in charge.

Going to the Twins tonight. My company has a suite and I’m the hostess with the mostest. It’s usually kind of a boring time for me but I am looking forward to having shrimp. I’m going to go early to try to find the fried dill pickle stand. See I’m already getting happy.

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  1. Hey. Been thinking of you a lot lately. My heart goes out to you. Here, take it! No, really, please, I'm not using all it – let me wrap it up in some Tupperware –

    Yep. Gotta leaven the "feelings" with humor. I'm just so sorry you're going through this. XO.

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