Okay, Now It’s Father’s Day

Last week I thought it was Father’s Day … I really shouldn’t be allowed to be part of the general population.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone. I miss my dad. He loved things like this. He loved getting gifts. He didn’t even care what it was, he just liked getting presents. I take after him that way.
I also see him in the faces of my nephews and niece, and when I look in the mirror. I definitely have his eyes and smile. And I got his sense of humor and fun too. How lucky can one person be. I often think he has been reincarnated as my youngest nephew. They are so much alike it’s amazing.
So if your dad is still with you be sure to wish him a happy dad’s day. It will mean a lot to him. And if your dad is gone take a minute to remember him and how much he meant to you, it will mean a lot to you.