Okay, You Can Look Now

Here’s my short hair. Oh well, it’ll grow back, but boy is it easy to wash/dry but boy is it cold on my neck.

I’m hoping the bus will be on time this morning. But I know it will be crowded with people who don’t normally take the bus unless there has been a blizzard. I hate those people because they are sitting in my seat and they are most likely to complain about riding the bus. Get off the bus you creeps!!!!!

Freckles is enjoying the snow/cold and from what I can tell she’s the only one around here. We had a tow truck get stuck so another tow truck had to come and get it out. I was waiting for that truck to get stuck and then have another tow truck — kind of like those nesting dolls.

Well wish me luck on not having to wait too long for a bus.

2 thoughts on “Okay, You Can Look Now

  1. THAT is NOT bad hair. Short, yeah, but very appropriate. If anyone makes a remark, just tell them you have geek-girl hair. That's what I do. And, smile, we are getting close to the age where it won't matter anyway!

  2. My evening bus never showed up yesterday, so 8 of us waiting for it hiked 3/4 mile to Como to catch the next bus, so I'm back to driving today because at least I will be warmer in my car than out on a street corner with no shelter

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