Old (and I mean OLD) Friends Are Great

“Why do birds suddenly appear, every time I am near? Just like me, they long to be, close to me.” Okay that’s the narcissistic version of the song.

Sorry I was out of touch last week. I was dealing with a headache that wouldn’t quit and a life that didn’t seem to be at all interesting enough to write about. And I also discovered that without having to take Freckles out for a walk and get her settled in her kennel, etc. I can get up much later and still make the bus.  I would still trade the sleeping time to have Freckles back — but that’s another story.

I have had a weekend with the theme Friends, Friends, and more Friends (and none of them were on the TV show). On Saturday I went to dinner with my friend Nancy. Then yesterday I got to have breakfast with the “girls” from GPM&A. I’ve know them since 1975 — that’s a long time. Porky (oh sure her real name is Nancy but I call her Porky and she calls me Beanie) is retiring at the end of this month. She is the third one in the group to retire. I think I’m next (I hope, I hope, I hope). Chris and her husband moved into a senior community and they are the youngest people there. Chris has to keep telling people that she doesn’t work there. What a hoot. Cheryl paid off her house — can you imagine? And Sue (yet another Sue in my life — she is the mother of my child — okay I was her labor coach about 32 years ago?!?) currently lives in California but she said she’d like to eventually move back. I hope she can. Mary (aka the “other Mary”) wasn’t able to come. Her daughter was in a softball tournament — but she’s off to college this fall so Mary will find herself with a lot more time on her hands soon.

I also learned that my friend Joni just lost her dad so I’m thinking about her. And a woman I went to high school with, Barb, just lost her mom and I’m thinking about her. And then last night Peter called and left a message he’ll talk to me today — I think he finally won the lottery and wants to give me 50% of his winnings. Yippee.

Have a groovy Monday.