On The Radio

Here is proof that I am “working” at home today. Look at how serious I am, studious, and determined to complete the important task in front of me.

I was just on the radio, KOOL108’s 10 at 10 playing my list of 10 songs that I suggested. It was fun to do. Here’s the list and why I chose it:
Brandy — reminds me of when I was in the basement at home doing decoupage, determined to make a living as a decoupage artist.
Sundown — reminds me of the first apartment I ever had, a shoebox efficiency that I kind of wish I was back in now.
Rock The Boat — heard it when the radio announced that Nixon had resigned
One Tin Soldier — of course the movie Billy Jack
Hard Day’s Night — screaming at the movie at the Edina Theater
I Can See Clearly — ironing ruffles on the fancy Tuxedo shirts at Pennhurst Cleaners
Horse With No Name — my friend Leslie was singing it in the car as “I’ve been to the desert on a horse with Joe Namath.”
You Made Me So Very Happy — my first slow dance with a person (previous to that it was only with my pillow)
Higher and Higher — moving into an apartment in the middle of a flash flood, this was on the radio as we tried to drive through a small pond that had formed on the roads
You Are the Sunshine of My Life — I was listening to this while I put together a set of shelves
Amazing how a song can remind you of something so small as putting together shelves.