One Cool Dudette

“It’s hot, but I’m cool” — well at least someone is cool.

I woke up this morning with cold feet — no not the kind that mean I’m not going to do my Fringe show — real cold feet. I have my tower fan blowing right on me all night long and my feet were cold. I also slept straight through the night, which hasn’t happened for a while either. Perhaps drinking a fifth of vodka does help you sleep — just kidding — it was gin.

The company I work for is having its golf event today. The past 3 years I’ve had to plan it and be there to make sure everything went well but this year someone else took over the task and hearing that it is going to be 90 with high humidity I am the happiest person in the world to NOT be out on a golf course and be stuck in the office. Last year the weather was just like this and it was almost unbearable. Perhaps we shouldn’t keep having this event at the beginning of August — that was my idea — but it was rejected so here we are again in the middle of a tropical heatwave but not my problem. Yippee.

So for today don’t be a hot dog — stay cool.