One Down, Four To Go

I feel so high tech when I hear my earphone — it’s like I’m Julie on the Time-Life commercials, ready to take your order for the Hit’s of the 1960s by artists who do not have an “e” in their name.

Feeling fine after my first show and it got a “Must See” review from the Pioneer Press which, I have to tell you, has me floating on air. You know when you work on something for so long it begins to get boring and dull to you so you figure it will be boring and dull to everyone — but I guess it wasn’t. I guess it was worth all the hard work after all.

On another note — what’s the scoop with the whole Jerry Lewis thing. I use to work at these telethons and I can’t believe the MDA is shooting itself in the foot this way. Yeah, he’s a pompous ass but he is the one who raises the money everywhere. It will be interesting to see what is really behind all of this. I just hope he didn’t send a picture of his wiener to some one – especially me.

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