Oops – Sorry Maria

I just found out the Target Lady that I so despise is actually Maria Bamford a friend of mine from stand-up comedy days. I didn’t recognize her at all. I love Maria — she’s funny and nice — but I still hate those Target commercials.

I wrote yesterday about losing my Uncle Dick. I am extraordinarily lucky because I had a family that loved to laugh and had a great sense of humor. Not everyone can say that. So yesterday, when I was having a sad moment I think the Hirsch Humor Fairy came and tapped me on the shoulder (or the brain) because all of a sudden I heard that little voice in my head (not the little voice that tells me to run naked through the fields with a machete — that’s a different little voice) I heard that funny little voice in my head say “Gee you should have bought him some Christmas shoes.” Oh the irony. That made me laugh.

My vacation starts today. I don’t return to work until Jan 4 although I have a project to work on at home. It will be nice to have some time off. I can make a list of the resolutions I don’t plan to keep for 2011.