I’m having a root canal today … need I say more?

Okay I’ll just say this — why is something so horrible so expensive? The cost of a root canal could pay for a nice long weekend somewhere warm. And thankfully I do have dental insurance but it only pays for 50%. Whine, whine, whine. I think I’m done now.

Let me just add that I still don’t understand why dentist offices have these open rooms so people can walk by and see me in misery. Peter explained it to me once, something about how the openness is suppose to make patients feel less anxious — well it doesn’t. Get some doors with all the money we are paying you!!!! Now I’m done.

No really I’m done.

Done, done, done. Over, finished, amen. Did you know “amen” means “so be it”? Sue told us that on Tuesday night. Okay that’s it. I’m out of here. Toodle-loo.

Why are you still reading? I’m done.