Out With The Old …

In with the new. This is the new chest of drawers I bought at Pier 1. I’ve also bought a loveseat and new chair and on Friday 1-800-Got-Junk is coming to remove the washer/dryer that’s been in my place since I moved in but has never worked. It’s as if, after 5 years, I’m finally settling in. I’m going to paint my living room/dining room this spring. I’m going with a nice light yellow and I’m painting the trim green. Two of my favorite colors. My friend Jean says I’m getting “grown up furniture” and I guess she’s right.

Of course my first requirement when it comes to anything new is that it has to be assembled. If I see “Assembly Required” I move on. No one over the age of 50, make that 40, should have to assemble furniture unless they are a professional carpenter or perhaps enjoy doing that sort of thing. Fortunately I have a wonderful nephew who has assembled a couple of things for me, but he has the nerve to have gotten his own life so doesn’t really have hours and hours of time to spend putting my furniture together. He is so selfish but he has red hair (at least red facial hair) so I will forgive him. He did, however, pick this chest up for me at Pier 1. I asked him how he liked it and he said “It’s you.” I think he has potential as a politician with answers like that.

So at 56 I’m starting to grow up. This scares me. Perhaps I’ll make a bookshelf out of bricks and boards and get a futon — I’m feeling younger already.