Pancakes Anyone?

 I’m writing tonight because tomorrow morning at 7:30 I will be having a mammogram — or as my friend Terry calls it I’m going to a pancake breakfast. She also calls the annual exam going horseback riding. Unfortunately I didn’t know that when I first started working with her and she told me she was leaving early to go horseback riding and I’m yelling down the hall “really, where do you go riding?” It was quite a moment, for both of us.

I know it’s something you need to do but I really would prefer not to do it. I hope I get a tech with a personality. I’ve had some great ones but every once in a while I get one that honestly has no personality at all. Of course I suppose if I spent my whole day plopping boobs on glass and watching women grimace as I squeezed them until you are sure they are going to pop and go all over the wall — well I guess I might not always be in a great mood. Still it’s better than the person who has to do colonoscopies — or at least that would be my choice.

Every time I have a mammogram I wonder why they haven’t invented the testogram or nutsogram or whatever you want to call it. Why hasn’t anyone invented a machine that squeezes a guys testicles until they cry for mercy — and not in a good way.

So while your sipping your morning coffee remember I’ll be in some little room being flattened. Yippee.