Peace Dude

Well here it is the end of January … the longest month I have ever lived through.  I honestly thought it was going to go on forever and ever world without end, Amen.  Psychologists say that January 25th is the most depressing day of the year — the day when people feel the most depressed.  It’s a combination of the end of the holidays, the decorations that made our homes seem more festive than usual have been taken down, most resolutions have been broken, and well the weather probably sucks.  But we made it through (well around 14 hours to go) January. I expect to have a wonderful February — putting up the Groundhog’s Day Tree, dancing to President Day’s carols, watching the Olympics by the fireside, and eating chocolate while trying to ignore it’s another &*#$*() Valentine’s Day, which is getting us primed for Fat Tuesday on the 16th.  Well I’m going to go and enjoy the last day of January 2010.  Peace out.