Please Don’t Squeeze The Leftovers

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match … on second thought never mind.

Good morning.  it’s Friday and I’m feeling fine.  But I do have something on my mind.  It’s not my Prince Charming, but it is close — it’s Charmin toilet paper commercials.  FTLOG (for the love of god) what is up with the checking for pieces left behind commercial.  I think most moms are happy if their kids just use toilet paper, in fact they’re happy if the kids just use the toilet.  What ever happened to Mr. Whipple who just got mad if you squeezed the Charmin? I’m trying to picture him running around the supermarket checking customers for leftover pieces. I can hear it now — “Mr. Whipple, Piece check on aisle 7.”  Oh well TGIF.  (By the way, did you know Charmin was originally manufactured in Green Bay.  There are a lot of jokes in that fact alone.)