Post-Thanksgiving Greetings

I’m still alive. Very busy earning an A. Hope to make that an A+ soon.

I am sorry I’ve been away but I’m working on a big project that I plan to launch around the first of the year. Keep tune.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Daisy and I are having a fun first holiday season together. She has really settled in and follows me every where I go … fortunately for her I don’t move around too much, especially after work. These past few days she is getting her work out as I bring things out and put them up for Christmas. She finally gave up and just hopped up on the chair and laid there staring at me. I have drastically reduced my Christmas decorating this year. I love the decorations when they are up but I hate 1) putting them up 2) packing away stuff so I have room to put them up 3) taking it down and 4) unpacking all the stuff I put away to make room. So it’s a minimalist Christmas this year — well minimalist for me.

I will try to be better at posting … if not I guess it’s back to the stockades for me!!!!