Praying for Designer Heels?

Today’s Cosmo question on Twitter (yes I Twitter and I follow Cosmo — it’s too funny not to) is “If you were to splurge this season, would u buy designer heels, a handbag, or statement jewelry?” My reply was that I already splurged on prescription drugs. I don’t think I’m Cosmo’s target audience but even an old lady wants to know 75 ways to drive your man crazy. I’m thinking 1) hide the remote control; 2) take him to the opera; and 3) ask him over and over again “What are you thinking?” Like I said, not a true Cosmo gal.

On the other end of the media world, MPR’s question of the day was “Do you pray?” I was a bit stumped by this one. Whenever I drive on the 35W bridge over the Mississippi I chant “Please don’t let me fall into the river; please don’t let me fall into the river” until I’m on the other side. I guess that is praying because I’m asking something bigger than fate to get me to the other side. I actually called myself a reluctant prayer or maybe I should have said an accidental prayer because I will find myself trying to bargain with the world now and then like when a friend or puppy is sick. I think of prayer as a cosmic wish list because people are always asking for something — give us this day, forgive us our trespasses, lead us not into the bakery (aka temptation) — which reduces us to a child asking her parents for a pony, an Xbox, or a trip to the bakery. I do however have conversations in my head with, well no one, but perhaps that is praying – accidental praying.

Speaking of praying, I thought I’d give you an update on Lisa. She had the second lumpectomy and this time it was done correctly and they found the cancer was limited to one specific area. She is going to have some radiation to be sure they get it all but it is definitely GOOD NEWS. When I heard it yesterday I believe the snow and cold gave way to a bright and beautiful day. Yeah, Lisa — boo cancer.