Product Review

Well the holiday rush of emails and catalogs has begun. I’ve actually found a new website ( that has some fun things that aren’t that expensive and some odd things that are way too expensive. Here is an odd thing that isn’t that expensive.  It is suppose to be for people to drink from but it reminds me of those bags that hang from catheters … funky bags for sure, but still I think they should be filled with urine. You know I always liked when I was in the hospital to have a catheter. I wouldn’t want one forever but it would be nice if you could wear one to bed so you’d never have to get up and tinkle … but I digress.

This is one of those odd expensive items. It’s a piggy bank you can write on — but it’s a $57 piggy bank you can write on. If you spend $57 on a piggy bank you probably don’t need a piggy bank. I have a jug that I fill with change all year long and then cash it in around Christmas time to use for my spending. In the past it has come to $300 to $400 but this year I’ve already filled my jug and am using an overflow jug. I follow the Suzi Orman concept that you should only pay with paper and put the change away to cash in once a year. I think this year I may get to $500 which I will use to buy 8.5 chalk piggy banks — yeah right.

I think you would have fun on the site. They do have some wild and wacky items.