Put Down The Phone

Okay I’m going to preach today, and you better listen or I’ll come over to your house and sing Barry Manilow songs to you. I’m not an Oprah fanatic but she is spearheading the drive to get people to stop driving and using their phone and I am a fanatic about that. In studies it has been shown that texting is more dangerous than driving after drinking. People have died because someone was talking on their phone. Even if you don’t care if you die, do you want to be responsible for someone else dying? Well do you? Read this story, it’s about a death in Minneapolis, in case you don’t believe me.

So I’m asking you to consider not using your cell phone when you are driving. You might actually find it is nice to have a few minutes during the day when you don’t have to check your email or answer voice mail, when you can listen to music or a book on tape or nothing. When was the last time you actually had silence in your life?
So I’m done preaching, for now, but please think about it because I’m tuning up my version of “I Write The Songs” and believe me, it ain’t pretty.