Quick, Turn The Station

Howdy partners …

I know the other half of the 10 songs I hate. Let’s review. I already mentioned:
1. Dreamweaver (sorry Peter and Sue)
2. Sylvia’s Mother
3. Horse With No Name
4. The Christmas Shoes
5. Little Willie Won’t Go
The rest of my list is:
6. The Year of the Cat
7. The Candyman
8. Rhinestone Cowboy
9. To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before
10. Everlasting Love
Sue requested I add “Nights in White Satin” (it’s Nights Sue, not Knights. If Knights wore white satin they were called sissy) and “Stairway to Heaven.” I have foggy, but fond, memories of these songs. Add a black light and the songs were groovy.
So I ask … what songs do you hate?

1 thought on “Quick, Turn The Station

  1. Songs I hate: Little Arrows by Leapy Lee, though Slim Whitman's version will make your head explode like the aliens in Mars Attacks.

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