Radiation and Vacation

This is a face that’s on vacation. Sorry my post is so tardy but I got up early — really I did — to go with my friend Lisa for her first radiation treatment and then out to breakfast. If you want perspective on your life go and sit in a room filled with people who are battling cancer.

And yes, I’m on my staycation. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I can hear the birds singing, children laughing, and some frickin’ chain saw sawing. Oh well.

Went to the Twins game yesterday with my friend Sue and her two boys who are 9 and 7. If you want to have an experience go to a baseball game with two young boys. They ate popcorn, hot chocolate, ice cream, cotton candy and french fries. I only bought them the popcorn so mom is to blame for the rest – really. Auntie M paid for face painting and the cab ride home. We took the bus to the game, but missed the bus heading back by about 3 steps. I really didn’t want to wait for 30 minutes so we took a cab. It was only $6 from the downtown to my place. That’s cheap man.

And my beloved Twins are playing like they have a load in their pants. We lost 11-3 and one of our runs came after the pitcher walked 4 men in a row or it would have been 11-2. I don’t know what’s happened to them but at times I feel like they’ve just given up. It was a sad day in Muddville on Sunday.

Well off to do nothing I don’t want to do. Freckles and I have been to the park twice today. She’s sleeping now and is probably thinking she is in heaven.