Ready or Not Here I Come …

I’m heading over to Wisconsin tonight to meet Cuddles. I was going to go and see her at the end of June but cancelled when I found myself crying A LOT. But I went to the wonderful pet grief support group at that Humane Society and this woman talked about a dog she had 9 years ago that she still cries over now and then. But she also has a new dog that has helped her heart to heal — she hasn’t stopped loving or missing the other dog but she just has another dog to love. So last night I washed Freckles old blankets for the first time — as goofy as it sounds I didn’t wash them before because I could still smell Freckles on them. But if I get a new dog, she or he gets a new start including clean blankets.

I’m meeting the woman from the rescue group at Target … I feel like I’m involved in some interstate drug ring. Do I need to get a passport to bring a dog over the state line? My friend Peter asked if she was a Packer fan or worse yet a yankee fan? I’ll have to ask her when we meet. I’m going to say “jeter” and see if she growls or wags her tail. Then I’ll say “cheesehead” and see if she starts to howl or tries to run away. These are important issues we need to clear up from the start.

Stay tune to see what happens. In the meantime here’s a question — “Does anyone really know what time it is; does anyone really care?” Talk amongst yourselves.