Remember When Burt Was This Hot?

Anyone else remember when Burt Reynolds was in Playgirl? This was the year he did Deliverance and they say it cost him the Academy Award. Today it would earn him an Academy Award.

So the Golden Globes is this Sunday. I haven’t seen it for at least 4 or 5 years because it was always on the same night was the two hour premier of “24.” I’m going to miss “24.” I equate January with the start of a new season. Somehow by the time it was over in May I couldn’t believe how fast time had flown. And there’s nothing on TV that is even close to the intensity of the show. And what is my boyfriend Keifer going to do with all his spare time. I guess he’ll have to tend to my every need. Hmmmmm, that could work out.

P.S. — I think Burt Reynolds is still hot but don’t tell Keifer – he’s insanely jealous

1 thought on “Remember When Burt Was This Hot?

  1. Oh, I definitely remember when this came out, my first date with my future now-ex a55 was at Deliverance, and Kiefer has totally weird ears.

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