Remember When You Were Cold

I brought back this picture to remind me (and you) of those cold days of winter when we were praying for this weather because I find myself complaining about the heat and humidity and I forget when I was freezing.

I think every once in a while we should put our feet in a bucket of ice just to remind us what it could be like. Then, I guess, in winter we should set ourselves on fire — although that seems a bit severe — to remind us of how hot we were.
So tonight I have company coming — my friend Lori’s son and his family (wife and two sons 3 and 4 months). It should be an interesting weekend. I forget how much energy 3 year olds have. We should forget wind or solar power, we should hook children up to some machine and make them run around. That would provide electricity to millions. So wish me luck for the weekend. I’ll keep you posted.