Reruns Suck!!!!!

What’s up with all the reruns? Do the networks think we are all too busy watching the “debates” to watch other shows?  It is especially annoying for shows like Revenge, where the storyline carries over to the next episode. Now I have to go back and watch the last episode because I can’t remember what happened when it ended.

Oh well, reruns has given me more time to have fun on my computer — no not the one-handed kind of fun that teenage boys, and non teenage boys, and apparently all boys have — I’m making movies. No not the kind of movies that ….

Finished up two movies last night that I had been wanting to do for a while … both feature my favorite thing … no not Keifer Sutherland — DOGS!!!! And don’t tell me Keifer is a dog or it may come to fisticuffs.

The first was inspired by the story of Jon Tumilson and his dog Hawkeye. Jon was killed in a helicopter crash serving overseas and when they had his funeral, Hawkeye held vigil at his coffin. It was so sad, yet it was such a great story about dogs and the people they love.

The second is just a salute to dogs. It includes a lot of the dogs of my friends and coworkers. You may notice a certain beagle appears in there once or twice (or more). Hey if Ron Howard can have his brother in all his movies I can have Freckles in all my movies too.

Now all I need is a backer and I’ll stay home all day and make these masterpieces and take naps.