RIP Elizabeth

What do you think she is thinking? I know what I’d be thinking and I know he’d be walking funny for a very long time. Well in the end she was the hero and he was and is the villain.

I felt sad when I heard she passed. I especially feel for her kids. They are too young to lose a parent. I lost my dad when I was 25 and that was way too young. I hate cancer and what it does to people and their bodies. I wish there were no diseases and that everyone just simply died of old age. Or that like the Eskimos, at a certain age we just climb on an iceberg and float off to sea, probably to end up as dinner for a polar bear. Not a bad idea, it’s kind of like recycling. Okay — how did I get on this subject? Yikes.

I would like to point out that there are only 15 days to Christmas and I have done NO SHOPPING. This Saturday I will be cashing in my bucket of coins and going shopping. Every year I practice what Suzi Orman calls paying only with paper. I only use dollar bills to pay for things and all my change goes into a bucket I have at home. Last year I had over $300 and this year I think I’ll top that. It’s a pretty easy way to save money if you can resist the temptation to cash in early. The only problem is it is really heavy. I have to put it in my rolling suitcase to take it to the bank. I think when the security cameras see me coming they put their fingers on the panic button thinking I’ve come to fill my suitcase with money rather than to empty my suitcase of money. But it is fun to put into the coin counting machine and watch the numbers get higher and higher. Last year I had a small group gather to watch with me. Obviously these were people who were desperate for entertainment.

Well time to brave the frozen tundra and take Freckles for her morning toilette.