RIP Geraldine Ferraro

I was sad to hear of the death of Geraldine Ferraro. I skipped out of work to go to the Capitol and see VP Mondale introduce her as his nominee. It was a wonderful day. I’ll never forget that day. Even though we knew Mondale had a snowball’s chance in hell to win and Ferraro was probably an effort to at least spice up the election, it was a great day.

I had a busy weekend. First, my orthopedic furniture arrived on Friday. My brother and nephew came and moved my old couch into my office on Saturday so for a day it looked like I lived in a furniture store. Poor Freckles kept looking at the new furniture like what the heck is this for and when can I get up on it. I finally let her up on the loveseat with me last night. She was not pleased. It use to be after some serious petting and scratching from her mom, she would go to the end of the couch where she could curl up in a ball and sleep. Well now there’s no where to go. And then it is so much higher than the old couch (remember orthopedic furniture) and it is not an easy jump to the floor. I don’t think she’ll be up there too often again. Luckily her old couch is still available and there’s always one of her five beds to lay on.

Friday night was my sparent mom’s birthday. She has been talking about the Arby’s fish sandwich and so I offered to buy some Arby’s and bring it for dinner. Only problem was when I got to the house there were fish sandwiches (which I don’t like) and no beef ‘n cheddar for me. They had forgotten to put it in my order. I hate it when that happens. Oh well. Sunday night I went out to dinner with my family for my sister-in-laws birthday. We went to Osaka in Bloomington. It is one of those restaurants where they cook right in front of you. The shrimp was great and so was the fried rice. There is something very frightening about having someone throwing knives and setting things on fire about 3 feet from you. If I’m going to get stabbed or burned from cooking I can do that in my own kitchen — I don’t have to go out.

The rest of the weekend was moving furniture. The place is a mess but I do have all the furniture where it should be. It looks like a tornado came through but at least I can blame it on moving furniture — on those other days when it looks like a tornado came through and the furniture hasn’t been moved I have to blame it on those messy little elves who just insist on coming in here and moving junk into the middle of the room or piling things high on the dining room table. They are bad little elves and I should spank them but they seem to enjoy that. They apparently are also perverted little elves.

Okay time to start another fun week at work. I wonder what the crisis du jour will be? I can only hope it involves a lost file.