RIP Harmon

You know it seems ironic to me to have two men in the news for being sleazy groping maniacs and then to have the news about the death of a man who showed the world how to be a good guy. I would like to think there are more Harmons in the world than Arnolds and Dominques.

I’m so lucky to have been around to see him play and to know baseball when it was played by guys who loved the game and weren’t spoiled little brats who think $2 million is not enough money.

In other news … day 2 of vacation was good. Freckles and I went to the park THREE times. The third time she looked at me like “is this for real?” It’s been such nice weather. Yesterday though I went shopping — oh I was a bad bad girl. I bought these great seat cushions but they don’t work on the chairs I have so I was thinking I should buy different chairs to go with the cushions when I realized the idiocy of my thought process. So they are going back. I hate it when I let logic rule my thinking.

Well it’s time to have fun.