Routine Sucks

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you just can’t get both eyes to open?

Trying to get back into the “routine” that PETER so loves is not going well for me. (By the way SUE would rather not have me mention PETER any more in my blog because it feeds his ego.) I walk into my place and my eyes go immediately to the couch where I want to plant myself for the rest of the evening.

My niece Britta called me last night. One of the windows in her car fell down and won’t go back up so she’s driving around in this cold with the window down. I suggested that she roll her car and maybe when it’s upside down the window would come back up and then she could duct tape it. I wonder why I don’t have one of those call-in radio shows to help people with car problems or personal problems. I would be excellent at either of those jobs.

Heard we’re getting snow today — yippee I can’t wait.

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