Run Mary Run — Yeah Right

Well this Sunday is the 30th Twin Cities Marathon and darn it all to H-E-double Hockey Sticks I forgot to register — AGAIN. In fact I’ve forgotten to register for 30 years. I remember one year I watched the marathon and was so inspired I thought I would spend the year training and the next year I would be a sleek running machine — well, it didn’t quite happen.

I have a couple of friends who have run in the Marathon and there is a woman in my building who is a running fanatic — she even went to Europe for a marathon just so she could qualify for the Boston Marathon. I admire people who are so committed — commitment isn’t one of my best attributes, although there are some who feel I should be committed, but that’s another story.

The marathon goes right by where I live, just 1/4 block away. Freckles and I usually go out and watch, although it drives Freckles crazy that 1) all those people are going by and not one of them recognizes her supreme cuteness and stops to scratch her head or belly and 2) the runners keep us from crossing the street and going to the park that she loves so much. Every year I see the same two people — there is one man who always carries an MIA flag and another man who runs with his disabled child in a stroller. I would love to know more about their stories.

If you are running let me know and I’ll look for you. If you aren’t running then you can be a member of my non-marathon runners club — we may not be in great shape but I think we are more fun to hang out with.