Run Mary Run

You’ll have to go with a picture of Freckles today because my head feels like it’s going to explode and I don’t want to turn on the light to take a picture and boy is this a long run-on sentence that you think would eventually come to an end but it doesn’t seem to be doing so kind of like when you start to tell a story about one thing and then something else pops into your mind and all of a sudden you are off in another direction like west which is where I’d like to be headed right now or even south but further south than Burnsville which reminds me I have to use my Slumberland coupon by Saturday to get a new couch or loveseat because mine is too low and I have a hard time getting up from it thanks to my bad back and bad knees which I guess makes me a bad girl who writes really long run-on sentences which is as close to running as I’m ever going to get unlike my friend Peter who runs marathons and does triathalons and other alons all the time but last year he did an alon in Chicago because he would get a shirt that said 10-10-10 and I told him he could probably buy that shirt on eBay but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO he had to go to Chicago and as I recall the weather really stunk like it was really hot or rainy or there was a monsoon or something because he had a horrible time but at least he got his 10-10-10 shirt which I’ve never seen him wear so maybe he never went after all and he’s lying to me which is possible because he has shifty eyes and could easily be a big old liar except when he says he loves me more than his luggage because I know that has to be true. Whew …. now you have a headache too don’t you.