Ryan Who?

People Magazine came out with it’s Sexiest Man Alive issue and I had no idea who Ryan Reynolds was until they said he was in The Proposal. I know it shows I’m out of the loop but that’s okay. I’m not that wild about their loop — I like the loop I am in. So I sat down and came up with my own list of the 50 Sexiest Men Alive Who Happen To Be Over 50. The list is in alphabetical order but if I had to name my top five it would be 1) Terry Bradshaw — I think he is super sexy; 2) Robert Redford with whom I share a birthday; 3) Randy Travis — his voice turns me to Jello; 4) Lewis Black — he is intelligent and funny and stimulates me intellectually which creates a trickle down effect that I won’t discuss here; and (drum roll please) 5) Sam Elliott — that smile will do things to you that normally would take a lot of AA batteries. Keifer is not on the list, because he is not yet 50 or yes, he would be at the top. So here is my 50. I actually ended up with about 58 but I whittled it down, reluctantly.

1. Alan Alda

2. Barry Manilow

3. Ben Kingsley

4. Bill Clinton

5. Bill Murray

6. Bob Woodward

7. Bruce Springsteen

8. Chris Noth

9. Christopher Plummer

10. Clint Eastwood

11. Colin Firth

12. Colin Powell

13. Dan Akyrod

14. Dennis Haysbert

15. Denzel Washington

16. Dick Van Dyke

17. Donald Sutherland

18. Eric Clapton

19. Gene Wilder

20. George Clooney (I found out George is only 49 so I’m replacing him with Van Morrison)

21. Harrison Ford

22. Harry Belefonte

23. James Taylor

24. Joe Montegna

25. Lewis Black

26. Liam Neeson

27. Matt Groening

28. Mikhail Baryshnikov

29. Morgan Freeman

30. Omar Sharif

31. Paul McCartney

32. Randy Travis

33. Ray Liotta

34. Ringo Starr

35. Robert Redford

36. Ron Howard

37. Sam Elliott

38. Sam Shepard

39. Sam Waterston

40. Sidney Poitier

41. Smokey Robinson

42. Steve Martin

43. Sting

44. Terry Bradshaw

45. Tom Brokaw

46. Tom Robbins

47. Tom Selleck

48. Tommy Lee Jones

49. Tony Bennett

50. Tony Shalob

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