Same Old, Same Old

I’m getting sick of feeling icky.  Going to the doctor this morning.  Hopefully will get some answers/relief.  I can’t imagine how people with chronic pain keep going day after day — they are my heroes.  I’ll keep you posted.  I’m usually planning wild President Day activities but I just can’t today.  Dang — my Millard Filmore Party is off.

12:17 p.m. — So I’ve been to the doctor, peed in a cup, was poked and felt up, and now I’m going for a CT scan which involves drinking the worse tasting shit I’ve ever tasted.  And I’m suppose to drink 3 cups be 1:30, my appointment is at 1:45.  I can’t imagine I will get this first cup down by 1:00, when I’m suppose to drink the second cup.  Oh, and the tech who drew my blood kept calling me dear.  I hate being called dear … I’d rather be called idiot or loser.  She doesn’t even know me and she’s calling me dear.  If she didn’t have a sharp needle that she was about to stick into my vein I would have said “okay schnukums.”

So here is a picture of me after taking a sip of this crap.