Say Cheese

I’m working on my look for my driver’s license picture. It expired on my birthday in August and I’m going to go renew it today. I’m thinking if I have that deer in the headlights look perhaps any one who sees it will feel sorry for me and not give me a ticket. Yes, that’s going to happen.

Actually I’ve only had three tickets in 41 years of driving (wow that’s a lot of years of driving). I got two parking tickets and a rolling stop ticket. I’m rather amazed I haven’t gotten a ticket for speeding. You’d think a red convertible would be a target but so far so good.

I’m on vacation for two days — was going to take the whole week off but decided to save some days for later in the year if I need them for moving. Going to hang out with Freckles and do some things around the place. It was either that or a quick jaunt to Paris — I think I made the best choice.