SEALed With A Kiss

I follow Cosmopolitan magazine on Twitter the same way I follow The Daily Show, Steve Martin and Conan O’Brien — for the laughs. Well today’s Twitter has absolutely blown me away:

CosmoOnline Official Account

If SEALs can find a terrorist who hid for yrs we’re pretty sure they can find a clitoris. More reasons 2 love Navy SEALs

I thought the news channels had covered every possible take on the Osama bin Laden death, but leave it to Cosmo to find that angle, if you’ll pardon the pun, that no one else would have ever thought of in a million years. I imagine CD (clitoris detection) is an important part of every SEALs training. Right up there with NI (nipple identification) and EZPD (erogenous zone perimeter deployment). I imagine they use satellite information and Google maps to study the landscape before going in, so to speak.

With that kind of training and background I hope this year to get me a Christmas SEAL.