Shall We Dance? Perhaps Not!

This is my stapler … don’t take my stapler (okay that was for fans of Office Space, the rest of you talk amongst yourselves).  Office Space is a must see comedy along with Rat Race, Waiting for Guffman, Best of Show, and Silence of the Lambs (oh come on, Hannibal was a hoot don’t you think?).

Geri, who you saw me talking on the phone with yesterday, has sucked me into the show “The Bachelor.”  I actually have to record it so I can watch my boyfriend, Keifer Sutherland, on “24.” There was this segment when one of the contestants decided to do a dance for Jake, a dance that came from her heart.  I am trying to picture the look on my ex-husband’s face if I told him I was going to do a dance for him that didn’t involve a pole or the removal of some object of clothing.  I believe I may have to work on a dance to do at work that shows what’s in my heart.  Then the next time someone gets on my nerves, I can break into dance, or when someone does something great I can break into dance, or when someone shows me how they are feeling through dance I can show them how I am feeling through dance.  It would be a dance fest inspired by The Bachelor.