She’s Gone To Work

Okay, mom was running late and said she didn’t have time to do a post so left it to me. It’s been a busy time lately. There is a lot of grass that needs to be watered and even more grass that needs to be rolled in. Begging for food is not what it use to be. I think she’s on to me and my sad eyes just are not cutting it any more. So I’ve taken up salivating on her feet — that seems to do the trick.

Had a pedicure the other day. Doesn’t seem fair that we’re charged the standard $12 when there is only 3 legs. I think we should get a 25% discount that can be used towards MORE TREATS, MORE TREATS, MORE TREATS.

Well I better get to sleep … that’s my job you know, to hold down the floor until mom gets home. Have a good day.

Pupperoni Rules!!!!!