Shower Report

This is your society reporter Mary Hirsch with all the society news worth reading. Yesterday I attended the shower of Miss Natalie Loretz in the suburb home of her mother Geraldine. Miss Loretz looked stunning in her blue and green dress and her mother looked equally stunning in her black and white and silvery outfit.

I haven’t been to a bridal shower with only women for a couple of years and I forgot how much fun it can be. I think the whole “couples shower” idea took away a lot of the fun of the whole concept. Women, I have found, tend to let loose when there are no men around. I’m not sure what they are afraid of but they just aren’t as much fun when there is testosterone in the room.
Geri did a great job on the shower … it was of course shabby chic. I will be throwing a 60th birthday party for Geri in a few months and it too will be shabby chic minus the chic. Everything was pink and feminine. Geri should be a party planner, but of course she’d have to give up the thrill she feels working with attorneys and we wouldn’t want that.
Well there’s no showers today, so far, so I think the Freckster and I will head out for a drive. Just for a change I think I’ll let her drive today. Wish us luck.