Snow Closure …. St. Mary’s Elementary, Eastside Day Care, Mary’s Brain

This is me on the phone with Geri … but don’t look at her because she’s been home sick all day and I’ll bet she doesn’t have on any lipstick.  She has told her friends that when she dies one of us is to rush over to wherever she drops and make sure she has on lipstick.  I hope that’s not my job … she may end up looking like a clown.

Well I’m late, late, late with this blog.  Sorry it completely left my brain this morning.  I was rushing so I could catch the earlier bus because of the snow and wouldn’t you know it … I actually got to the bus stop on time but the dang bus was 20 minutes late.  You’d think that in this day of GPSes and all that other electronic tracking stuff that the bus company could have a service to let people know if the bus is on time so we don’t have to stand outside for 20 minutes freezing our butts off.

Oh well.  It’s still snowing and as much as I want to not like it, it is so much fun watching Freckles run through it that I look forward to new snow fall.  But not for much longer I hope.

Hey did you watch the Super Bowl … what is up with Go Daddy and the skankie ads.  Perhaps they should change their name to Who’s Your Daddy.  I use that service and it kind of makes me sick now that I do.  I may have to make a change.

Okay, got to get ready for the next episode of “24.”  Hope it’s a good episode.