So Much To Discuss … So Little Time Before I Have To Leave For Work

 We have a lot to cover so here we go:

First Happy Birthday to my nephew Brett who turned 26 on Saturday. He got 16 of his friends together and they rented the Pedal Pub and went pedaling through downtown drinking beer and wearing his “Even Jesus Hates The Yankees” t-shirt. He is so incredibly cool. After he was born he was running a fever and had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. I went to see him and they wouldn’t let me in the room because I wasn’t “immediate family” so I stood at the window looking at him. One crabby pants nurse came and asked me why I was standing there “He doesn’t know you’re here” she said and I looked at her and said “Oh yes he does.”

Second, the new 3 Musketeer bar with chocolate filling totally sucks. It is like the New Coke all over again. Some idiot is sitting in a room and thinking “We have a top selling candy bar so who can we screw it up” and they did. CHANGE IT BACK!!!!

Third, this picture to the left has absolutely no place on a law firm marketing piece. Someone thinks it does and I just can’t bring myself to do it. I would have made a terrible Nazi because I just can’t follow orders. This would be fine for a used car lot or perhaps a night at the VFW with pull tabs, beer specials, and a meat raffle. I’m just saying.

And finally, I spent the weekend dog sitting Savannah. She lives down the hall with two of my neighbors. Savannah is also so excited to see me …. she comes running down the street with Mark or Scott in tow — trying to get to me and that treat she just knows is in my pocket. When Freckles was here I seemed to always have a treat and a plastic bag in my pockets. Well I try to still remember to stick a treat in there for the neighborhood dogs who see me as a Pez machine with two legs.  I am so tired today — I don’t think I slept much with Savannah here. The first night she woke me up barking like crazy. I was trying to figure out what was upsetting her when I realized she was barking at the ceiling fan.  As my friend Pat from Tennessee said “To be fair, ceiling fans do need barking at.” She was just not too sure why she was in my home and not her home. But it was fun except for when it was so hot when I took her out. The nice thing is she just would go out and do there thing and want to go right back inside. Good dog, good Savannah.

Speaking of heat … I hate it … remind me when I am complaining about the cold in January that I prefer the cold to heat. Let’s put it this way — if I am forced to stay indoors because of the weather I would rather stay indoors because it is cold outside than stay indoors because it is hot outdoors. This kind of heat makes me sick — physically sick. I believe I may have to go and live in Canada or Alaska during the summers.  I also hate that half my income is now going to Xcel Energy.

Oh and speaking of my income, I got a call from the representative of Wells F*go to ask me when I put under income “I rent one of my parking spaces for $65” what I meant my renting one of my parking spaces. Idiots. Obviously renting a parking space is street talk for being a hooker who has a meth lab where she sells illegal firearms. I was told I should know if I would get a new mortgage by last Friday. I must have missed the call when I was out —  renting a parking space (wink, wink).

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