Something For Nothing

Well I found a new way to make money … I’m going to force companies to pay me not to wear their clothes. Apparently this is working for some idiot from that Jersey show. Abercrombie is asking one of the cast not to wear their clothes, it gives them a bad reputation. How big a loser can this guy be to be asked NOT to wear a companies clothes in front of millions of people. This is one of those moments in AA when you would say to yourself “Perhaps I have a problem.”

I’m thinking I could get a sweet deal like that with Victoria’s Secret or Jantzen swimwear or some such thing. Imagine being paid not to do something — it’s like a government job or some of those farmers who are paid not to plant crops. I’m perfect for any position like that — pick me, pick me. Unless of course someone offered to pay me not to talk or write — no can do. I would explode within a 24 hour period. Hmmm, perhaps I have a probl—- nah, not me.