I think I have some sort of a brain tumor or exotic disease. Why you ask (did you ask, please ask)? Yesterday I did the following:

1. Two loads of laundry
2. Grocery shopping
3. Cut up, cleaned, etc. all the fresh foods that often just sit in my fridge until they need to be tossed.
4. Made a bbq dish in my slow cooker.
5. Cleaned out my fridge and freezer.
6. Cleaned the kitchen
7. Rearranged my bedroom closet so it’s easier to find stuff.
8. Cleaned up my dresser drawers including my sock drawer.
9. Changed the sheets on my bed
10. Washed the dog.
OMG … I haven’t done that much in the last year. What’s gotten into me. It must be spring fever. I’m wondering what the rest of the weekend will bring:
1. Reupholster my furniture
2. Refinish my wood floors
3. Build an addition to house the Mary Hirsch Museum
4. Find a cure for the common cold
5. Write a novel
6. Walk on water.
Okay I won’t walk on water … that’s just showing off.