State Fair Blue Ribbon Time

 Tomorrow is State Fair day at work. We get 1/2 a day off, a bus ticket, an admission ticket, and some $$$ to spend. This is one of my favorite days at work — it’s like when we had the Indoor Picnic in grade school. Sometime in February we didn’t go home for lunch (we used to do that every day) — we stayed and had a hot dog, potato chips, milk (which I didn’t drink because I know it came from) and an Eskimo Pie. Then we’d go to the gym and watch a movie. It was one of the best day at school.

I can’t wait to go to the Creative Arts Building and see the BLUE RIBBON winning three person chessboard that my nephew Brett made (as seen here). Did you see the BLUE RIBBON part? Not that I’m an overly proud aunt but BLUE RIBBON. I’m also looking forward to a snow cone and corn on the cob.

If you are wondering why we have a State Fair day at work … it’s all my fault. A number of years ago (probably 5 or 6) the MTC had a contest for companies that had a Metro Pass program. You wrote a composition why your company should get a free bus to the fair and you would get the bus and admission tickets. Well, I wrote the winning poem:

WHAT? A half day at the state fair,
Away from the computer glare?
Stop all of our mousely clicks,
For something greasy on a stick?
Our cubicles to leave behind?
A vacation from the daily grind?
No more memos to discuss?
And we get our own big bus?
So what would we do if we win?
I’m not sure where to begin…
There’s Sweet Martha with her cookie jar,
Horticulture, arts, and international bizarre,
And heads of butter, oh how absurd,
Let’s not forget to get cheese curds.
You just can’t think about your job,
While eating sweet corn-on-the-cob
See horses, cows, chickens, and hogs,
We can’t forget a foot long dog.
Go to the booths and see some stars,
And get some deep fried candy bars,
Toss some balls; win a prize,
Eat a cup of hot French fries,
Head over to Machinery Hill,
Perhaps a ride at  Ye Olde Mill.
Forget about our budget cuts,
Have some more mini-donuts,
Let ‘em guess what we weigh,
As we head on down to the Midway.
Quilts and sweaters and fruit that’s canned,
Buy a Veg-O-Matic at the Fair’s Grandstand.
No worrying ‘bout a 401K
Unless, of course, it’s Senior Day.
A ride up on the old space tower,
Lots to do in just six hours,
Milk shakes, ice cream, lemonade,
All this fun and we still get paid.
I hope we’re the group that you pick,
‘Cause we need some fun … on a stick.
I’m like another Emily Dickenson or Robert Frost or Rod McKuen.