Streamline Your Morning with Mary

InStyle Magazine has an article on 10 ways to streamline your morning. When it suggested something that required a $78 headband I knew this article was written just for me.

My favorite tip was on Sunday night when I go over my calendar for the week (let’s see Monday go to work, Tuesday go to work …) I should pick out my outfits for each day and put them at the front of my closet with a DIY tag labeling what day that outfit is to be worn. You know I’m way too busy on Sunday night being depressed that it’s Sunday night to go over my calendar and pick out my wardrobe.

You really want to streamline your morning here are my top 10 tips:

1. Hit your snooze alarm until when you finally get out of bed you only have 5 minutes to get ready. No time to dilly-dally.

2. Sleep in the outfit you are going to wear the next day … sure you’ll look like a mess but you have streamlined your morning.

3. Drink a gallon of water before you go to bed … you will get up really fast in the morning (and probably a couple times before then too).

4. Sleep with a dog that hogs the bed so when you wake up you are clinging to the edge of the mattress for dear life.

5. Fix your breakfast the night before and have it at the kitchen table. Sure that cereal will be soggy, the oatmeal cold, the toast hard, the OJ warm but hey its the price you pay for a streamline morning.

6. Eat that breakfast in the shower — yummy soap on toast

7. Set out everything you need to take with you the night before. This will allow you that extra time to look for your keys that you are sure you put right there last night.

8. Spend five minutes each morning meditating this will calm you down for 1 minute and then you’ll spend the next 4 minutes meditating on how late you are running

9. Explain to your dog that you can only allot her 7 minutes in the morning to get her business done. She will understand and will be totally cooperative. No really.

10. Don’t write a blog that you post on every morning. It will only derail you from that train we call streamline. Once you sit at the computer you’ll be checking your Facebook account, your Twitter account (@swellgalmary), your emails (, going on YouTube to watch something stupid.

Well I hope I have helped you in your quest for a better morning. Now get yourself a $78 headband and get moving.