Thanks Dad

My dad was a wonderful guy — and he had a great sense of humor and a big laugh. I was lucky enough to have those passed on to me. I remember one Easter when I came downstairs my dad had put chocolate covered raisins on the floor by our Easter baskets. He said “Look, the Easter Bunny pooped on the floor” and then picked up one of the droppings and ate it. I thought I was going to die at first of disgust then after I knew what it was I was going to die laughing.

When I was a bit older my dad came with us to church on Easter — this was unusual to have my dad in church with my mom, my brother and me — he preferred to stay home and watch reruns of “The Bowery Boys.” When we were singing an Easter anthem we all sang “Christ The Lord is risen today,” and during the alleluia my dad leans down and the next thing I hear is “Now we all are going to pay.” Well he and I are laughing so hard and my mom is giving us the dirtiest of looks.

Easter always reminds me of those great moments. Thanks Dad.

Vactioning With God

jesus resortThis ad caught my eye “Riverside Resort — Owned by God … Operated by Jim & Jeanette.” I’m thinking it has the Fisher of Men Boat Rental – If You Can’t Walk On Water Then Ride On Water; Virgin Mary Woods – Untouched by Man; and John the Baptist Beach – Wash Away Your Cares and Your Sins.

Also good when finances get a little tight – I mean who’s going to come after God? Ye without debt foreclose the first loan.